Thursday, May 19, 2011

rueben sandwich

my favorite sandwich....

make your own 1000 island dressing....1 c mayo (i used vegan mayo) chopped up pickles (or relish) ketchup, onion and garlic powder How easy is that? and delish.
spread 1 slice rye bread w/ mustard, 1 w/ 1000 island dressing, spread sauerkraut on 1, sliced avocado on the other. in a non stick pan grill on both sides until brown...GREAT!
i served it with a salad of artichoke hearts and some chopped green onions from the garden...a little EVOO and lemon juice

more mother's day

a few more pictures of mother's day.
the gift gifts lunch the next day...soba noodle salad with olives, feta, peas,

i went to Minos Imported foods on monroe rd. and got the most incredible feta and olives ( thanks to the reader who commented to me about that)

mother's day

we celebrated Mother's Day at the lake. actually we celebrated Mother's Day for me, my mom, Krista....and we celebrated birthdays for Krista and hubby! so we had a lot of celebrating going on.lots of fun, food and gifts. check em out!