Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend away in the mountains with hubby

Roasted fingerlings

Tomato cucumber salad with Bosky acres goat cheese and basil

Roasted okra

Grass fed strip steaks with mushroom sauce and roquefort cheese. So delicious!!!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

pad thai (vegan style)

last night i made a vegan version of pad thai. the recipe comes from Libby Pratt, owner of a luxury vegan, bootcamp in southwestern France, Camp Biche. check out the website...gorgeous place.
the dinner was incredibly delicious...with a different twist.
i made a garlic-tomato sauce that i dressed the noodles with...then a "slaw" of shredded cabbage, cucumbers, onion, radishes and carrots. lots of veggies makes you feel like you are eating more pasta than you really are. then drizzle w/ a mustard/horseradish sauce. the sauce was to die for. i am sure i will find many ways to use it! top w/ chopped peanuts. (i left out the cilantro by accident)
it would be good but i really did not miss it because there were so many great flavors going on.

try'll love it
if you need more detailed recipe leave a comment.

shelton vineyard

last week on my way to wv to take my mom home, we stopped at Sheldon Vineyard for a fabulous lunch. wanted to share!
i had lobster sliders on mini pretzel rolls (interesting and yummy)
mom had cornmeal crusted NC trout over grits ...and southern succotash....excellent!

the vines were loaded with gorgeous grapes.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


i've been in a "pickling" kinda mood...

pickled grapes on toast smeared with ricotta cheese....great with a cocktail.

my refrigerator dill pickles.

a couple of things i made @ the beach...

spinach and chickpea salad with a mango dressing.

tomato pie...a lady who lives here said you HAVE to make tomato pie when tomatoes are in season(in keeping with the low country tradition) i said "of course"

pasta and veggies

Monday, August 1, 2011

Tomato peach salad at the beach house!

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