Monday, November 8, 2010

food pics

  1. my deviled eggs
  2. mark bittman's preserved lemons
  3. eggplant, pepper, onion, tomato stew
  4. tomato-basil
  5. fennel and onion w/ pickling brine
  6. brine
  7. Baucom's Best BEST sirloin
  8. roasted heirloom pumpkin
  9. bean, beef, corn.....chili
  10. fab lunch....arugula salad and roasted veggies


wow...i've been gone way long....don't know why...i will try to do better! thanks patti...for missing wonderful sister-n-law (she's really like my sister i never had) and her hubby came to visit recently....we had a great time (way too short) we had a little girls night fun moroccan dinner party....good food