Wednesday, August 17, 2011

pad thai (vegan style)

last night i made a vegan version of pad thai. the recipe comes from Libby Pratt, owner of a luxury vegan, bootcamp in southwestern France, Camp Biche. check out the website...gorgeous place.
the dinner was incredibly delicious...with a different twist.
i made a garlic-tomato sauce that i dressed the noodles with...then a "slaw" of shredded cabbage, cucumbers, onion, radishes and carrots. lots of veggies makes you feel like you are eating more pasta than you really are. then drizzle w/ a mustard/horseradish sauce. the sauce was to die for. i am sure i will find many ways to use it! top w/ chopped peanuts. (i left out the cilantro by accident)
it would be good but i really did not miss it because there were so many great flavors going on.

try'll love it
if you need more detailed recipe leave a comment.

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  1. Hi Kerry its Jill! Love the posts and they all look wonderful! How did you make the mustard horseradish sauce?:)