Monday, September 13, 2010

10 Days of Real Food

kid's lunch
Whole Wheat Tortillas - Easy and fun to make!
David's lunch
My family is taking the challenge!  We are eating no processed foods for 10 days.  You may have read about the Leake family in the Charlotte Observer or seen them on Charlotte Today.  It is a great story.  They did it for 100 days!  Check out Lisa Leake's blog to learn more about it.  I officially started yesterday and the rest of my family today.  I'm going to let you know how it is going.  I prepared some stuff over the weekend to get ready - most were recipes from 100 days blog.  I made whole wheat tortillas, eggplant hummus, granola, and a roasted chicken to use through the week. I think the hardest part will be packing lunches for everyone.

Eggplant hummus
I'm so proud of my family for being open to this challenge - the kids are excited.(sorta)  David is fine with it - he is happy he can still drink beer - he is a little bummed about his diet coke  - I've been trying to get him off of those anyway.  This morning the kids and David had oatmeal with bananas, blueberries and honey.  Grey also had a leftover whole wheat biscuit that I made yesterday. David had an egg and cheese on whole wheat tortilla. For lunch, I packed the kids natural peanut butter, honey and banana sandwiches with a cheese stick and fruit.  It looked delicious but they love processed school lunches.  I made David a sandwich with goat cheese, hummus, lettuce, cucumber, avocado and roasted chicken.  That looked great - I'll probably have the same thing. 

Real Food is scrumptious
For dinner, we had lasagna - whole wheat noodles, homemade sauce with lots of veggies pureed in .... see what yummy stuff you can have...My kids won't eat much salad but there were plenty of veggies in lasagna so I didn't worry about it.

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