Thursday, September 30, 2010

Finished 10 days of Real Food!

We actually finished last week but I'm a little behind writing!  It was great.  I absolutely loved it - I felt awesome!  The 2 hardest parts were packing my kids lunches and going to someone else's house for dinner.  I have girl's night every Tuesday night - sometimes we go out and sometimes we go to someone's house.  During the 10 days, I had it twice, both at someone's house.  To me that was very stressful to ask someone what they are having and try to figure out how I can eat it and not be a pain and not make a big deal about it.  Luckily, the girls are my best friends and I've known them since 10th grade so they were very supportive although they do kinda laugh and I'm sure think "here she goes again on her soapbox"  It worked out fine.  We had mediterranean shrimp pasta one night.  I just brought my own whole wheat pasta.  She had cheese and triscuits for appetizer (without me asking for it) so that was perfect!  The pasta was delicious and I ate what everyone else was eating!  The second girl's night, we had butternut squash soup, salad and baguette slices with cheddar, walnuts and sliced apple.  I just brought my own bread and again ate what everyone else was having and it was also delicious.  

I only went out to eat once in the 10 days and that was for sushi - I had yellowtail rolls with brown rice and some edamame.  It was good - would not want to eat out anywhere else - it would be too hard and I am not good about asking lots of questions.  It embarrasses me!

On the 11th day I still ate all real food because I loved what I had been eating so much!  On the 12th day, I was working and lunch was catered in.  I had a turkey sandwich and had a bad stomach ache and indigestion all afternoon! 

My 8 yr. old was a trooper.  The only "cheats" he had was a pack of goldfish and popsicle after his football game.  He looked so sad when they were handing them out, I told him it was ok.  And, he had some organic ketchup on his roasted potatoes.  He said he didn't want any potatoes without ketchup and I thought if he is eating roasted chicken, roasted potatoes and brocolli and likes it, I'm giving the kid some ketchup.  Those are the only things he ate off the plan!  Remember, they did not take the pledge so I allowed them a little more lenience.  I was strict with myself.  My 10 yr. old and husband did well but had many more cheats.  Hubby cannot give up diet coke and both ate pizza on Panther's game day.  Overall I am still very proud of everyone!!

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