Friday, September 17, 2010

We are half way through our 10 days!

Thursday breakfast - kids had pancakes again.  They LOVE the banana pancakes!  I had granola with fruit - yummy.

Lunchboxes - one had whole wheat spaghetti with butter and parmesan in a thermos, one had peanut butter, banana, honey, granola rolled up in tortillas.  They both said great lunch!  My 3rd grader had someone bring in cupcakes yesterday for a b-day and he declined it!  Way to go.  He also started his Wednesday night kid's church program this week which includes dinner.  I think dinner is their favorite part and they were having nachos.  I told him he could eat it if he wanted - he said no, he wanted me to pick him up before dinner.  He is taking it very seriously.  My older son and husband not so much.  They are doing great but my husband has had a few diet cokes and my older son did not decline birthday treat at school.  (side note:  I am not making my kids do this - they wanted to do it and I am not being as strict with them)  I knew they may have a few "cheats"  I am being very strict for me because I took the pledge!

Thursday night dinner - sausage pizza on whole wheat crust (recipe also from Food Illusion blog) It was great!!  I used the leftover sauce I made from lasagna earlier in the week.  The crust was the easiest pizza crust I've ever made and rolled out perfectly and was delicious.  Family loved it of course!  Packed leftover pizza in lunch boxes today.  What a treat!

Made mini quiches yesterday for breakfast / snack / or lunch - whatever I need it for.  Hubby likes, older son likes, younger son does not like.  Some things are hit or miss...

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